Best broody breed?


Nov 26, 2018
Maybe I'm trying to find a unicorn chicken breed, but here is what I am looking for!
Not just any old broody breed...
- Lay eggs that aren't cream/tinted colors
- Have a natural tendency to go broody
- Lay lots of eggs when they aren't broody
(The first two categories are 100% necessary, the third just desired :))

I am looking for a breed of hen that I can keep with my Silkies who I can utilize to hatch out eggs, hence the need for the tendency to go broody trait.
The eggs need to be any color BUT cream, so I don't accidentally hatch out Silkie cross chicks! I currently have hatchery silkies as my broodies, but I can't tell whose eggs are whose and so I can't hatch out any chicks!! The third category is just for my own selfish benefit, who doesn't want a lot of eggs??:gig
I don't care if they are standard breeds, as long as they aren't so big that they will crush the little Silkie eggs!

Let me know if you have any ideas, or if I'm living in a fantasy world!
Marans go broody but not as often as Silkies. Dark brown eggs. You might need to get quite a few of them because not all of them go broody. But a flock of 5 or more you are likely to find a broody. Someone is likely to suggest an even better bird.
I thought about Marans for sure! I wasn't sure if they would be too big though for the Silkie eggs? Do bantam marans exist?

My best bodies have been silkies, bantam cochins, and Old English game hens, but all lay cream/tinted eggs. I've had a couple good broody Black Stars (brown eggs), but most of mine never go broody. And they can sometimes be bullies. I will be interested to hear if somebody has a "unicorn chicken!" :popGood luck!
Thanks! Me too :gig

ANy Standard Bred duel purpose bird fits your bill. Don't get hatchery, find a local breeder of Standard Bred (breeder stock, not hatchery) Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, etc....
I suspect you will never go wrong with heritage breeds, I have to break the OEGB and Sumatras regularly and never let them see more than 4 eggs in a clutch.

Have a look:
Is this because hatchery tends to breed away from broodiness? Do you think the size of standard breed hens over bantam silkie eggs could be an issue at all?
Thanks @AllenK RGV! The chart looks super useful!!!!

I vote ( based on % of each breed in my own flock that goes broody)
1. Langshan (pinkish tint eggs but large)
2. Cuckoo marans (brown eggs with darker spots)
3. Orpingtons (tan eggs)

Good luck with your search
Thank you! Did you get yours from hatchery or breeder stock?

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