Best Chicken Breeds for Alaska

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    Oct 30, 2014
    I need some help with ideas of chicken breeds to research. I live in Alaska; long, cold, dark winters. I would like a chicken that produces medium-large sized egg. Something that has small or no comb to avoid frostbite. Where I live winter is 8 months out of the year temperature between -20 and 25 degrees farenheight. I will have a heat lamp in insulated coop, I plan on having large outside area for them and want a breed hardy enough to go outside at least in spring, summer, fall -temps 40-60 degrees. Thank you in advance.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Welcome. There are people on this list who are from Alaska and can give you some excellent advice.
    But here are some ideas. You can go to and answer some questions and they will give you suggestions based on your answers.
    I have a few chanteclers developed in Canada to be cold hardy. They have tiny cushion combs, The only problem with them is I lost some as youngsters when the heat and humidity (needed both to be high) climbed here, but you probably wouldn't have that problem.
    I would assume some of the breeds with pea and small combs would do fine.
    Let us know what breeds you're considering.
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    Some dual purpose breeds with smaller combs
    Ameraucanas, Buckeye, Brahma, Chantecler, Dominique, Rosecomb Rhode Island Reds and Whites, Russian Orloffs, and Wyandottes.

    Some egg laying breeds
    Ameraucanas, Rosecomb Anconas, Hamburghs, and Rosecomb Leghorns

    Some crested breeds (you will need to keep their crests dry)
    Crevecour, Houdan, and Polish

    You could probably get away with most of the heavier dual-purpose breeds like the Orpington, Faverolle, and Rock if you dubbed them.
  4. LoveThemBirds

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    Feb 23, 2015
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    Any hardy breeds such as,Production red,Black sex link,red sex link.
    Frostbite is not a big of an issue as you would think.

    Dual purpose birds with peacombs:
    Easter eggers,or Asils.Easter eggers are good purpose for eggs and have a small comb that's hardly noticeable.

    Asils or any fighting game birds are also good.Theyhave peacombs.Some Production reds will have peacombs if performed correctly.

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