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9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Z town NC
I don't know if this is weird but, I ordered from Ideal and had all the info on teaching the chicks how to drink and where the food is........WELL I must have the most inteligent chicks in the world!!!!!! I ordered 30, because I figured sone would not survive...ect. Well I got my chicks at 5:30 am after ordring them on sunday night. they hatched and then were sent less than 24 hours they were at my house. They jumped put of the crate went to drinking and eating and after having them for 2 weeks they are soo smart!!!!! They eat out of my hand and are just so smart. This is my first chick order and I will do it again in a heart beat. They may all be gone tomorrow but so far it has been sooooo great. I'm Happy chick mom. Thanks Ideal!!!!!!
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I love happy stories!! So glad for you!
I had to show my chickens how to drink and eat; and I was feeling like my chickens were the smartest out there.

Congrats on your smart babies
Mine were from Ideal as well and just like yours they just popped out and went right to normal chicken stuff. Two out of the four breeds I ordered are REALLY sweet, the others are coming around.

Congrats on your happy chicks!
sorry for the late reply, They are Barred Rocks. About the treat thing.......I now think I have created chicken monsters. And boy a baby chick knows how to hold a grudg and they can already can give a big bad stink eye! They looked at me this morning and said " You ate oat meal, don't say you didn't, we smell it on your breath and you did not bring us ANY, BAD BAD BIG THING YOU ARE!" I came back with new water and they wouldn't even look at me. .....So double the oatmeal tomorrow.

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