Best combination of chicken breeds?

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    Dec 5, 2013
    Hello, we are a small school in Georgia. We currently have 6 breeds of chickens:

    pearl white leghorns
    rhode island reds
    silver laced wyandottes
    plymouth rocks
    black australorps

    Our hens are not getting along very well. Does anyone have some recommendations of chicken breeds that get along well together? We enjoy having many different colored eggs but the tail feathers on our chickens are being pecked off. We believe that the pearl white leghorns are the culprits but we are not sure. Our coop is plenty large and they have a big yard also so we don't think that's the cause. They get plenty of veggies and fruits along with their regular diet. Any suggestions?

    Anonymous 6th grader

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    Aug 4, 2013
    It is not so much the breed as it is the chicken itself. Like us they are all different. Are you sure someone is being picked on? This is the time of year for a molt. If you don't know, a molt is when the feathers start falling off and they grow new ones for the winter time. If you are sure that it is someone picking on the others than you don't have to get rid of the ones that you have now. They make something called pinless peepers to prevent the bully from feather picking.

    This is where they can be bought or look like not on for going into a normal store to buy some:

    This is a thread on here for what they look like on and how they have helped:

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