Best combo of egg laying/docility?


9 Years
May 15, 2010
A friend of mine wants to start having chickens, and she was thinking Rhode Island Reds and White/Red leghorns (I'm not sure why), but I was told the former is not very kindly to flockmates, and the latter is a very nervous breed. My friend wants to raise the chickens as both pets for her kids and egg layers. I have no experience with chickens, so I wonder if anyone can tell me what breed(s) in their opinion, would work well to be pets and egg layers?
I second Barred Rocks. Mine is a great layer and a relaxed gal to boot. She is the Boss Hen but is not mean to us or the other chickens. Our Buff Orpington is also a reliable layer and just loves my 4 year old DD. Both are great with the kiddos!

Edit: She is the one holding the Buff Orpington in my avatar pic!
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I actually haven't met a Barred Rock that I DID like... I've had 2 and both have been so rotten to the other chickens and so excessively loud that I had to rehome them. I think the best combo bird would be Orpingtons.
Personally - my grandfather's barred rock roosters were really mean to me when I was little. I hear people all the time say how nice their barred rocks are but personally I will never own one. That said - in any breed there are differences in personality.
I chose chickens for docility and all the other requisites came after that. I was happy to find the orps that fit beautifully my egg laying/meaty breed/docile pet requirements
I guess I go against the grain, but my RIR's are the sweetest ever, both to people and the other hens and they also put up with 5 ducks no problem. Lay every day pretty well. My Delaware is a little pecky, but still sweet. My GLW is very shy, but once she is picked up, she doesn't want to be put down. She can be a brute to the other hens sometimes though, not often, as she is top of the pecking order. They all are excellent layers....about 6 a week for each.

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