Best economical fencing for vegetable garden

Poppy Putentake

7 Years
Aug 5, 2015
Hi all,

I've had chickens for a year now. They were okay free-ranging in the garden last year while half grown, but this year it is looking like the garden needs to be fenced in. (Also, a neighbor has ducks that often wander over and eat everything.

So, what kind of fencing do you recommendaround a a roughly 50' x50' garden? We get lots of snow in the winter, so I'd like to be able to take it down easilly. How high does it need to be. Does not need to be predator-prooof, it would be only to keep chickens away from vegetables.

The no shock poultry netting from Premier1Supplies is relatively inexpensive and is all light enough to easily take up and store after growing season is done. A couple T posts and the netting and you're good to go.
My hens were able to figure out a way to hop roughly a 3ft 2x4 welded wire deer fence. I think it would depend on what breed/s you have and what is close to the fencing.

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