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I have been using Arbico organics "solar fly traps" for the last 2 years. The design is an ancient one based on the fact that flies are very stupid and when underneath something they will try and fly upwards to get out. So you place the supplied yeasty attractant (doesn't smell bad really) underneath the wire trap and the flies fly under the volcano shaped trap, fly upwards and are trapped until they die. They dry out and you can feed the flies to the chickens. They do start to smell after a while but easily remedied by replacing the attractant every now and again. Anything that attracts flies can be placed under the device, especially attractive poop, sweetcorn etc etc. I also use the fly eliminators from the same company and have just ordered some of their beneficial nematodes to spray over the garden to see if they also work. It is a constant fly battle in the summer in a backyard urban setting. maybe it's not so bad out in the country where the neighbors are not close by....


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Thank you for the recommendation! It looks like a pretty good design. Do you have to buy the bait or can you make your own?

Google "ranch fly trap" for many options that use this same style/mechanism of trap. It is a pretty standard and often reproduced design. If you are ok with a more flimsy fabric netting, can be bought for pretty cheap. The one that the OP posted looks to be metal? Which would last a lot longer I am sure.

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