Best footing for enclosure?

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Aug 14, 2008
Some of my flock is in an enclosure which is just dirt, but starting to get muddy. Wondering what would be the best footing. I was thinking wood chips, but wondered if there are some that aren't healthy for chickens. For example black walnut is toxic for horses. Is there anything like that for chickens? We use gravel in our horse corrals and it does a good job of keeping them dry, but it doesn't seem like it would work for chickens. Or is there something better I haven't thought of? Thanks
see my 'fix a muddy run' page, link in .sig below, for a variety of suggestions

Good luck, have fun,

Thanks All! I've been dealing with the mud problem with horses and mules for a long time and working with the conservation district on best management practices. After reading your "mud" page, Pat it sounds like you have, too and that it's all basically the same concepts. I guess for some reason I was worried that sand and gravel wouldn't be good for the chicken feet, but evidently it's no problem. We've always got sand and gravel on hand for the equines, so as soon as things dry up a bit, I'll get to work adding it.

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