best hatcheries


Apr 5, 2015
going to order some chicks and ducklings
I'm in texas and would like to know the best place to order from with the highest 'live' rate
(Least amount sick or dead on or shortly after arrival)
If you're in Texas I recommend Ideal. They are also in Texas so the chicks will have a very short journey. I have ordered from them several times and always have good results. Only once have I had any DOAs and that was on a wintertime order.
I just ordered 10 buff Orpingtons from Ideal and I live in Mississippi, The ship date is 06/17/2015, do they call you when it ships or just send you a email? This is my first time ordering chicks

They email you, the phone number is for the post office to call when they arrive for you to come pick them up. I have an order shipping from them the same day!

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