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  1. Which is better an electronic t stat or the wafers?

    Which Hova-Bator model is the best, and most diverse. I will be hatching everything from Quail to Turkeys

  2. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Both worked the same for me..same hatch rates, same everything. Pretty much set it up and forget it (oh, add water now and then).

    The primary difference is if one breaks down. The wafer is much cheaper to replace than the electronic thermostat.
  3. Akane

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    I believe all the hovabators (and most incubators) can hatch every size of egg. I put button quail to large chicken eggs in mine and I've seen threads of people hatching ducks and geese. If you have a turner you just have to get the right size tray. Pretty much the more you spend the more you get. The cheapest basic 1602n like I have has no fan or fancy extras. It can hatch fine. I just hatched 24 of 25 button eggs. It takes a bit more to learn the temp and humidity settings though. Adding a fan ups the price and the temp stability some. Then you can upgrade the heater or get a different type of thermostat like you mentioned. There isn't really a best one. It just depends what you want to spend and what you think you need.
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    i like the solid state thermostat. If the wafer gets old it gets sloppy and the temperature varies a lot..

  5. Will turkey eggs fit in the universal egg tray?
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    Quote:My experience with that was that it is better to hand turn the turkey eggs because they are so large that if you put them in a turner they are too close to the element and you can't keep the temp right for a decent hatch. The upper portion is always way too hot if the middle is correct [​IMG] I hatched mine off when I hand turned them just fine [​IMG]

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