Best humane way to cull my chicken?

Dec 1, 2020
Western Washington
I was very recently gathering advice here about my chicken. My vet, all of you, and me came to the conclusion that she has Marek's Disease. I hear and have been told that I can still eat the chicken, however I have also heard it can have tumors inside it and it is sometimes best not to. Also she is a brown leghorn and barely has ANY meat on her. Anyways, I think it is better to quickly and semi-painlessly cull her now instead of letting her slowly die from Mareks. I am getting started on a meat chicken flock but haven't actually killed any chickens yet as they won't be at their butchering date for a while. So, this is possibly a harsh question (at least for a beginner like me), but what is the best way to cull a chicken in this scenario. I won't be eating her, so I don't need her to drain blood or anything, and I would rather not stress her out more than necessary. Currently I have decided that a quick shot to the head with my .22 would be the best option. Any opinions? Thank you!
If you are doing it by yourself, the broomstick method is good. You may want to wrap the bird snuggly, because the death throws are pretty dramatic, but occur after the death. I was hesitant to do it this way, because what is too hard, what is too easy... but it really is just a quick jerk. Watch a couple videos. There is one AArt has showed that is good.
Thank you! I have a kill cone, would this be a good choice?
A kill cone is usually used for cutting the arteries. It isn’t great for a quick beheading. Bleeding out is considered the most humane for a meat chicken while maintaining a good meat quality, but it isn’t the overall most humane method. Cervical dislocation is actually the fastest and least painful route to death, but you’d need to do your research. Beheading is considered a close second I believe. It’s what I went with when I had to unexpectedly cull. We ate that bird.

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