Best meat bird specials right now?

Well, I'm not on the east coast obviously, but I have scanned the feed and farm & ranch stores and as we get deeper into spring and fewer and fewer folks are still looking to buy their birds, feed stores get a little antsy about the chicks they still have that are not selling and they slash prices. Last year I bought some some Cornish X chicks for 75 cents apiece. The best part was that the store paid their feed bill for the first 3 weeks - that's almost half their life span. Talk about a win-win!!! Other than I know Schlect Hatchery out of Iowa sells Cornish X for about a buck a bird + shipping. Good luck to you!
I ordered 50 Red Broilers from Moyer's, which is in PA, $1.20 a chick. After shipping it was like $1.44 a chick. All males too.
Cackle hatchery has a hundred meat birds for $37.00 hatchery choice. You have to look good at all the deals to spot it but it's there.
I read it's an assortment of all large fowl birds, but 100 for $37.00 is a good deal. For $27 you get 50 chicks.

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