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See the "Buy It Now" button on this one? People can make an offer under the buy it now price or just buy it now.

Seems kinda redundant to what is offered in the "auction" type of listing, so we may just stick with:

Buy It Now
On that one big auction site that does a best offer, it seems really involved to do a best offer. You offer a price and then the seller says yes or no, if no, the auction continues.

I think a regular and a buy it now offer for BYC would be plenty.
So if you offer a Buy It Now the same time as an auction, how do we know what the Buy It Now price is?
For "best Offer" you can bid up to the "Buy It Now" price. Once you get that high you would just click the Buy It Now button.

I do think "Best Offer" is probably too confusing so we may not have it as an option.
Oh I see it now.

So if I want to sell a widget, I can start the bidding out at $5, but I can put a Buy It Now, if I want, for $20. Now, if the bidding only goes to $5, I still have to sell it for $5, right?
Oh so really it's not a "best offer" like on ebay that has to be rejected or accepted. It's just a straight bid. Any way to change the wording?
We'll probably just remove the "best offer" feature... it's just too confusing and you can basically have the same features in an auction listing.

Thanks everybody!

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