Best place to buy Virkon S disinfectant

it is
It is what they used here during the birdflu outbreak here in Holland

The cheapest I have seen for the ten pound tub was just under 60 dollars (makes 123 gallons >cheaper than the tabs)>this will last a LONG time! (perhaps a nearby BYC member would go in "halvies" with you?)
but here is an online site for the tabs @ 23 dollars (cheapest I found) > makes 50 gallons):

dont buy the sachets > these work out to around an average of 3 dollars a gallon
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Randall Burkey Company has it in powder form. Just go to, then poultry supplies, medications, health aids and finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
I have used Randall Burkey several times, and I am well pleased with them.
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