Best place to purchase netting?

Check out the companies that sell on E-bay.. I purchased the heavyweight kind on there for less than half the price of Murrary Mc Murrary's and Randall Burkeys...
I think you cut out the middle man so to speak if you purchase direct from the company....
Yep, always have to check out ebay! Lowes... Really? Calling them today.

Just went on and it's $12ish for 7X100.

Is this stuff going to last? Or is this a yearly replacement thingy? (my new word, thingy...
I ordered my netting from Florida Nets on eBay. I haven't gotten it yet, so can't comment on the quality.

I'm using mine to cover my run. I don't think it would be strong enough in place of wire fencing for the perimeter of the run.
Yep, going to use it for fence and cover possibly. Does the stuff last or should I just go with the high priced stuff? I'm kinda a do it right once kinda person. My father always said, "ya got what ya paid for!"


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