Best Quail Dispatching Shear?


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5 Years
Nov 5, 2018
Tolland County Connecticut, USA
I would like to know which shears you all recommend for dispatching quail. I want them to clean cut off in one snip. I just spend $20 on these shown below but they need 2-3 snips to completely remove the head. While the quail died on first pass it didn’t cut clean off.
These worked well for splitting but not dispatching in my view.
I am not asking about different dispatching methods. Please keep this specific to the shear/clippers that will cut the head clean off in one pass.
Thank you
Shears for live stock hooves I can remember the name, but they were heavy duty and would take a head of no prob.
It’s funny you should say that because I was thinking of using the ones I use for my goats which are the green Burgon & ball trimmers. Every time I use them I’m just waiting to clip my finger
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