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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by BusyBearMama, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Apr 25, 2014
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    We are adding a handful of chicks in the spring and are trying to decide if we should add a roo, we would want to raise him with them. He would at that point be bird #19 and we may get 2 (just in case :-/) we have a guinea male in with them or will anyway, they're all young and he's (watchdog) and a wide variety of 4-7 pound chickens. My favorite rooster is a Brahma... But a 12? pound rooster I think is a but much though I feel like he'd get on with my guinea ( yes my guinea has guinea hens too) I want a calm, kind, friendly rooster who doesn't mind other males but isn't over 9 pounds, is very cold tolerant and has perhaps less comb than others? My top pick at the moment is a buff orpington? What do you think? They'll be in their run which we will expand in the spring but is confining, though we will be adding enclosed paths all over the place for them to run around... Predator problem because of the lets say 150acres of forest/farmland if they run off its bad so they have to be caged so the chantecler is out :-( I also want something attractive as I will hatch eggs if we have a rooster, and I will want his offspring to have desirable characteristics. I have different breeds, likely he'd get to hang in a large chicken tractor with a few hens for the most part honestly, I thought barnevelder (excuse to buy some lol) but I have heard they're a bit skid dish and late maturing? And the Cornish & buckeye are both really dark birds and I dont have any experience with them... My other thought was an amerucana? Very little comb comparatively and we have some mixes that are very nice.., what about an amerucana and an orpington? Should they like each other if raised together? Oh decisions decisions. Thanks for any help :)
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    Your problem may be finding one or two of the breeds I'll suggest.
    IMHO, other than fertile eggs, the main reason to have a rooster is predator protection. For that, I would recommend a large but lighter more agile breed than a BO or Brahma.
    For extreme cold, I'm thinking something like an Orloff. Calm and aloof around humans but should be a good protector.
    I love Minorcas and Black Penedesencas Both big and agile enough to take on hawks. Large combs but I haven't had a huge problem here with them.
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    Amerucana, and EEgrs are awesome looking birds. I have a Wellsummer roo, pictured as my avatar. Hes real good with my kids and the hens, pretty handsome also. I dont know of any roos that get along with other ones, though i have heard jersey giants do, and their good in cold weather because they are so big, straight comb also though.
    It will be a few years, because i like the breeds i have now, but i would like to get RIReds again. Egg laying machines, good free ranging and very protective, but sometimes overly aggresive, thats why i went with wellies for now. When i get some they will be heritage breed rose comb RIReds, we have super cold here also. Ive never had a problem with frostbit combs, but this yr we have some brown leghorn with tall flopped over combs, so we'll see.
    That might be a good roo for ya, brown leghorns also can be found in rose comb, the roos are very pretty, look a lot like my wellie, the hens lay like crazy, they are good predator evaders and they dont eat much.

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