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This will be a week long contest ending on the 17th, when my eggs hatch. It will be about your best true stories of your chickens no matte how long you've had your chickens.

Rules: Must be TRUE, title your story like a book.

I will announce the winners at the end of the week by your by the title of your story and your profile name.

Have Fun!
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Great idea for a contest!

I hope you like my story.
Hm... My story will be about my hen, Tinkerbell.

!The Story Of Tinkerbell~

Tinkerbell is a NH hen. She was born in 2016.

It started on a warm day when the sun was shining bright and the gust of wind was- light. Happy feet, the mother hen was broody.

When my Dad and I almost thought the rooster wasn't fertile,
we ordered eggs.

The mother hen hatched her own egg,
he was fertile. Gabby had hatched!

A week later,
the mother hen had to protect, teach and feed Gabby.
She gave up on the nest that contained Tink.

Us candling the cold egg wasn't the weird part,
the embryo moving was.

Tinkerbell was born out of the cold egg,
she hatched in my room!

She is one special hen,
(excluding until the first egg we thought she was a rooster)!

She follows me around and runs to the door when we didn't even enter the barn yet!
She is my baby, Tinkerbell. Her real name is Tink.

When I thought she was a rooster, she was Tin-Tin!
~The end~


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