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Mar 15, 2009
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I'm wondering if experienced chick raisers can share what type of thermometer worked best in the brooder?

Currently i'm using an inexpensive one from my feed Co-Op, that is plastic and flat. It's in the brooder, with my 250 watt heat lamp, and all is fine, no melting
BUT I have to lift the lid to take it out to read it! It is a pain to read with the infra red light, and I hate taking it out as I moniter the temp. Too tedious, and will be too disruptive to the chick-peas when they arrive. My chicks arrive soon, so I'm fine with what I have, but would like to replace it with something less cumbersome. Any suggestions?

I'm considering a digital thermometer from the drugstore that sits upright, a couple of inches high. Much easier to see from the top of the brooder, me thinks.

My current thermometer is laying atop folded washcloths (to bring it to chick-height).



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Nov 11, 2008
I have been using my pocket temp gun from for accurate and instant readings. Just point the device at the spot you want to measure and push the button. I was amazed to see how easy it was to get the exact temp I wanted by raising or lowering my heat lamp an inch or two. It takes less than a minute for the height adjustment to affect the temperature in the brooder. You can also quickly check different areas of the brooder or even the water temperature.
I have used the temp gun for years for various HVAC applications, checking cylinder head temperatures, cheese making, water temps for sprouting seeds, and nopw the chickens. I have owned the unit for 5 years and it still has the original battery in it.
More info can be found at If you are into reptiles, they sell some pretty cool stuff! The store is run by a really nice guy named Robin and owned by Chad Brown (another real nice guy) of the NE Patriots (formerly of the Seattle Seahawks).
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