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Mar 21, 2008
Looking forward to eating our geese this Christmas....though I think since we have 3, we will have an early roast too
(a trial run)

A question though... what is the best way to dispatch a bird as big as a goose? I also have 2 turkeys to dispatch at Thanksgiving time..... do you just use an axe? Or is there a better, less messy way? I know I couldn't wring their necks.... they're too big!

I've heard of a way that you slit a spot in their neck... but I can't seem to find that page anymore. Can you please share your tips please..... I don't want to muck it up!
Just hang it upside down & cut across the side of its neck. Try not to cut the throat & no need to keep cutting when you hit bone.
There are two recent threads on killing (large) turkeys, one in this section and one over in the turkey section of the forum, a variety of approaches were suggested in those threads that might apply to geese as well.

With my turkeys (one dressed as 30 lbs skinless parts *not including* one wing or giblets, the other two dressed at 20 and 17 lbs) I found the following to work very well: cut small hole in corner of feed sack, poke bird's head through it so he's wearing it like a sweater (limits flapping somewhat). Tie feet tightly and use rope to haul bird upside-down over the beam at the end of their run, put head on the top edge of a propped-up pallet and whack VERY HARD on the back of the skull with a hammer, then quickly put over blood bucket and slit neck deeply.

Good luck, have fun, bon appetit,

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I think butchering method is personal choice for the most part. I prefer the slitting the throat method. Just hang them upside down, pull the feathers back near where the neck and jaw come together, then cut from the side of the neck until it sprays you in the face. Repeat on the other side. Try not to cut the windpipe.
A nice lil hatchet will do,lay them down on a stump of some sorts and swing, since the hatchet is smaller the force is concentrated on the smaller blade so you can decapitate it easily,easier for the bird.
I have used a machete with good results,its balanced to where you can get a good swing and sharp enough to cut through bone if you want to completley remove the head with one lick,And I have used a 22 rifle,I also used the two nails in a log or chopping block with these methods,works good for me,just be sure to tie their legs to something or hold on to them for few minutes
To lessen the stress (which releases stress related hormones that can cause the meat to taste different) while hanging upside down by any of the above methods, cut the main artery or vein just under the ear hole (it is the same for all birds) with a very sharp knife until there is blood rapidly pouring out. Let hang until bleeding stops. If you do it right the bird will not thrash about, they may twitch slightly. This way they don't feel much pain and will just quietly die.

The below link has videos of the complete process. I'm not recommending their products but do like their instructional videos (there online viewing is free).
i like to just take a small axe and cut the head off . i drive some nails in a stump and stuck their head in and pull back .

thanks sam

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