best way to find new homes ???


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
in my barnyard....ohio
does anyone know the best route to rehome roosters i have 8 bantams & so far i need new homes for 5 of them yep they are crowing ..i do have a silkie... a Light Brahma, a speckled sussex & one i am not sure of .. i am keeping the cochins as i believe i have a pullet .. please atleast give me advice on how & if you need any of them that would be even better !!! i live in ohio
Some people sell them... some give them away... they list here... list on craigslist.... list at local feed stores.

Mine has a community board up for anyone who want to give/sell local livestock.

There are lots of options!

You should really ask if people are getting these roosters from you as pets, for breeding and such... or if they want to eat them! You may not want them taken if someone isn't going to keep them for more then a sunday dinner. It does happen!!!
Where in Ohio are you? If you are close enough you could try Roger's flea market farm action on Fridays. The thing that sucks about it is you don't know who is going to get your birds, or at what price. If Rogers isn't close enough for you maybe you can find another auction near by.

Finding homes for roosters is tough, I'm trying to do it now as well. lol. And I think that I am going to end up taking most of them to Roger's.

Hope all goes well,
I just gave 3 roos away today to a woman from Craig's List. My area is fairly laden with roo and chicken ads, too. I listed last night and they were gone by this afternoon. It can't hurt to try.

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