Best way to get rid of mice?


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Jul 28, 2008
Colorado Springs
What is the best way to control the mice population in and around the coop? I had been thinking all this time that I was losing a battle against one mouse because there is only one tunnel/hole, but today I got some new traps and I have so far caught 5 in about a 3 hour period. What can I do to control this? I have a cat and he checks in about once a week or so but doesn't really leave our yard and by the looks of him he is eating VERY well so I assume he is eating some. Any suggestions?
If you have a cat eating some of the mice watch the poisons. There are traps you can get that are very effective to suppliment kitty's efforts. Clean up anything you can find that is attracting them. Keep the chicken food in closed containers like covered metal trash cans, and off the coop floor as much as possible.
The chickens may eat them too...

Obelisk ate a pinky once...
A snake is the best way.
Last summer we had a bad mice problem in our feed barn, one day I had the door open and saw just the tail of a snake going behind the feed. There was no way I was going to move all that feed so I just warned DW that there was a snake in there and keep your eyes open. within about 3 days there wasn't a mouse "in da house".

Steve in NC
We had this problem for a brief time in early winter, and the cat formerly known as the best mouser around had gone into semi-toothless retirement. We stayed on the traps aggressively, setting 2-3 a night until things were under control. Fig Newtons did the trick in the snap traps.

I don't really like killing local critters, but mice are carriers of enough diseases that can affect my animals that I just don't take the chance with it once they get into the house, run or storage rooms. The snap traps killed quickly, minimal to no suffering. It's about as good as it gets.

Good luck!

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