Best way to kill cats? *Yeah I think the cats could have done it*

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May 6, 2012
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I didn't want to have to go this route again but here we are. Live in the country and feral cats are an issue. There are at least 5 black feral cats next door. We see them on our property all the time. I was kinda loving them because our rabbit population plummeted. Now I must kill them as they've taken 4 ducks. I sell duck eggs and thanks to them I won't be able to fill my orders.

In the past our dogs took care of the problem. Now it looks like we are going to have to start removing them ourselves. Any suggestions?

Update- People have been saying they don't believe the cats could take a full grown duck. This morning the dogs were going nuts, I looked out the window and a cat had a turkey carcass. It was one of our young borboun reds, that to be fair was already dead. The dogs had killed it the day before and since I'd been running late for work I'd just tossed it over the dog run fence to dispose of later. (the turkey had flown into the dog run) Then it stormed and I never got to dispose of it. Anyway, point being these turkeys, while young, are bigger than the ducks and the cat was carrying this carcass. So yeah, I do think a cat is strong enough to take a full grown duck now.
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So just a bit more info my husband is an excellent shot. Problem is we only see them at night and black cats + pitch dark makes it pretty hard to get them. We've never left our dogs out at night but I suppose we could try that. I'm loathe to do it though as I like to bring them in to protect the house while we sleep. Still, I suppose we could leave 1 of them out.
you should use gaurd dogs and if they are your neighbours tell them about the situation but if they are stray cats call the animal control or catch them and drawn them
you should use gaurd dogs and if they are your neighbours tell them about the situation but if they are stray cats call the animal control or catch them and drawn them
I don't think animal control would be too interested in coming out to catch a bunch of cats. I just don't think they'd do it.

As for who the cats belong to that's iffy. I think the neighbors feed them but they are feral as in they never let them inside. So they stick around the neighbors because of the guaranteed food but run about hunting as well. I've for sure seen 5 but that's 5 breeding animals which could be a massive problem in the near future.

Our dogs have killed a few cats. I was letting our birds free range. The ducks were ranging out and nesting down in our bushes. The dogs are contained so they couldn't guard them out there. I've shut the gate so the birds can't range anymore but if they've discovered a taste for domestic duck they could easily come get them in their run. There is no roof on it.

So I figure we gotta off them, but how?
Your birds are wide open to a RANGE of predators! A secure enclosure is the answer to your problems. After the cats are gone, other mammals and raptors will move in.
An inexpensive roof of poultry wire would deter raptors and cats. Cats hate the feel of saggy wire beneath their feet.
my boyfriend worked as an animal control officer for years.
yes, they will come out to trap feral cats if you call them in as a nuisance animal.
and yes, it is a punishable crime in all 50 states to kill a domesticated cat, feral or not.
I would get a box trap and trap them.It's up to you what to do with them after you catch them.I know that your not aloud to transport coons but you might be able to transport cats.
Can you use a live trap to catch them and take them to the local humane society yourself? T&S sells basic cage traps for $30-$60.
Killing predators only works in the short-run. You need to pen and protect your animals with a strong covering and sides, otherwise another predator will just move right in to replace the kitties.

You can't know they're feral just because they don't go indoors. A lot of people have outside-only cats. So talk to your neighbors before you start killing. They might be pets. (If they do end up being feral, see if there are cat sanctuaries nearby that would take them.)
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