best way to weigh live birds?


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Apr 20, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I could just go get my little hay scale (aka cheapie walmart fisherman's scale) and a pillowcase
, but was wondering whether anyone has any better sort of arrangement?

The 'meatballs' are 4 wks old now and I'd like to start tracking their growth so I can get a sense of when the growth-for-feed-eaten relationship starts to head the wrong direction.

Thanks for any ideas,

We put our in a pail, 5 gallon and hold hand over top so they don't try to fly out.

Like the perch. Not sure if the meat birds would be able to do that when larger:)
Ok, done!
I used a kitchen scale (only goes up to 5 lbs so won't be useful much longer...
) inside a plastic bag for cleanliness. The two nearest the door that I grabbed to weigh were not quite 4 lbs at about 4.5 weeks old. They just sat there like blobs and did not try to get off the scale

So I guess I need to keep an eye out at thrift stores for a cheap kitchen scale that goes past 5 lbs. Til then I guess I will have to use the hay (fisherman's) scale but it is soooo inaccurate.

Thanks very much,


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