best white egg layer - that is kid friendly?


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Jul 29, 2010
New Glarus
Ok so I am hoping to add a few more chickens this spring to our backyard coop but the contingency is that for Hubby- they have to be good layers and for kids- they have to be friendly breeds.
What do you suggest? We have all brown egg layers now so want to add some white to that! Prefer standard size breeds unless you know a good laying bantam.
Golden sex links lay a very light brown egg and they are the most docile chickens. My daughter can just pick them up. I have never had a white layer other than bantams that lay very small eggs. EE's are fun.
I have a black star that lays brown eggs like crazy and she is SO friendly. But note that each chicken is different and you'll want to hold them a whole bunch as babies to determine personalities.
Thanks everyone... any other suggestions? I have had bad luck wtih black sex links and 50% luck wtih red sex links with personality issues so prefer to stay away from those. Just a personal thing. The black one especially gives me heartburn- hates me and my son so wants to love her but she wont let him get close.
10 birds and those are the 2 mean ones.
I think it depends a lot on the individual hens personalities, although some breeds are known to be more docile or more aggressive.
I have a Black Sumatra hen, which I've heard are aggressive, but she's actually the only hen I have that will let me hold her. She also will jump up on top of the coop so she can be eye level with me. She's definitely my favorite.
I have 3 young children and my best bird with them is my Buff Orphington. She's sweet and calm and 3 children under six give her the runaround! They pick her up and run around and she keeps coming back for more. She lays cream/tan colored eggs though, but she is very consistent. My best layer.

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