Big Bug in Private Message System Found And Fixed

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    We love to announce our achievements, but we're also willing to announce our mistakes. We had a doozy! [​IMG]

    Good news: We wouldn't have caught the problem if we hadn't created the BYC Golden Feather Membership group.

    Background: We created the new GFM user group and doubled their PM storage space. One of the members reported that their box, while only at 50% wasn't allowing them to get PMs.

    After 2 days of investigating we found that the GFM's private message space was still reverting back to the standard membership space. My programmer and I fixed this!

    The Bad News: We discovered a whole different bug. When there were messages saying that your inbox was full, sometimes the system was using YOUR message count instead of the member to whom you were sending messages. Example: If the limit is 100 messages and I had 101 messages stored, and tried to send a PM to my friend who only had 12 messages, I'd get an error that her PM box was full. That's just not cool! [​IMG]

    The Great News: We did some more digging and tweaking and fixed the problem. So, now the GFM's PM boxes should be working perfectly and everyone else should be able to send messages without problems as well.


    If you have any problems with your inbox or with sending messages. Please let us know by posting a reply here.

    Thanks to the Golden Feather members that pointed out the first problem and thanks to luvmychix for letting me send about 50 test PMs to her to test things as we were working.
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    No wonder you've been staying out of trouble. You've been busy! [​IMG]
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