Big eggs and auto turner question??


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
What does everyone do when some of there quail eggs are a little too big to fit in the trays? It looks like I have some eggs hitting the sides of the tray when there at full tilt. I believe a few have gotten dented. Thank you
I see a lot of pics of turners around here with small pieces of paper towel under them. I don't have a turner, I do it by hand, but a piece of paper towel should work fine..
If they are too big probably DY and won't hatch anyway.We Eat them...cva34

You could slip in a regular egg rail with 1 less Quail rail .I used to do that if I wasn't in a bind
Any eggs 14g (grams) and over wont fit in the quail rails, you can try taking out every other rail (that works for me) but you cut your quantity down to 60 egg capacity from 120. What size eggs are you trying to set, and what type birds ?
They are coturnix eggs, most are fine but some seem large enogh to fall out of the tray or wedge the next tray. I put them way to the edge of the outside tray, seems to be working but they did dent. Im wondering if they will be ok?
I have the same issue. I got an order of eggs from james marie farms, and wow what big eggs they were. Had a 17g, several 16g, and mostly 15 and 14g eggs. A few were 13g to 12g, but just a few. I had to use the regular egg racks for some of those big eggs. If they hatch and I get large eggs, I will just use all regular egg racks to hatch 49 at a time. Thats still plenty more than I would be able to consume.
Just another thing about egg size, ain't the only possible problem.Its egg shape some of my problem eggs are so round that its hard to tell which end is which and they just don't slip down in the (lets say Hole ) as they should (sticking up too far) Gota eat them too...cva34

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