Big enough coop & run?

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    Feb 24, 2016
    We have 7 chicks. They are around 2 weeks old. My husband is going to start our coop this weekend. We have pretty much decided on a 6x12 coop & run. The coop will be raised & 4x6. & the run will be the full 6x12 covered. I want to make sure that size will be sufficient. They will not free range too much, only if I am able to be out there to watch them etx. Our backyard is only an acre. Anyway any advice is welcome =)
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    You might read what I wrote in this thread, I think it pretty well applies.

    I’m guessing that the area under the coop will be part of the run and you are building an additional 6’ x 8’ run off of the coop. You will probably be OK although you won’t have a lot of extra room to give you flexibility in dealing with problems if you have any. With that many chickens in that space you will probably have to work a bit on poop management. If you leave them locked up in that small coop for very long after they wake up you could possibly have behavioral problems. When you squeeze them into smaller spaces you sometimes have to work harder, but you should be able to manage.

    Good luck!
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    I can only comment based on my own experience...

    We have 6 chickens. The coop (chicken portion) is 8' x 9'. The actual building is 8' x 18', 1/2 is used for storage & supplies. The run is 8' x 16'. The most chickens I would want in that space is 8.
    They have plenty of room and that helps cut down on any behavior problems and is easier to keep clean. You have to consider space needed for nest boxes, food, water & dust bath area as well. If it were me??...I would go larger if possible especially if the planned run is not covered.

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