1. brierose3

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    getting 3-4 chickens and we might buy this coop. it is 224cm in length, 143 in height, and it is 94cm wide.
    We are planning on putting it in a larger run so they will have more room to roam.
    the sleeping area is 780mm x 700mm
    So.. is it big enough?

  2. MoonShadows

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    Hard to tell from the picture...are your measurements for your coop alone or the coop and the run? If they are just for the coop, then your coop is about 7' x 3' or 21 square feet. At an allowance of about 4 sq ft per bird, you can house 4 chickens in this coop. Then, the run should be about 40 sq ft for sufficient room. If your measurements are for both coop and run combined, it is too small for 4 chickens.
  3. Pancholoco

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    Nov 12, 2012
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    You have 3.2 square meters = 34.445 square feet so 4 ft2 per bird = 2.15 birds in the coop mathematically, but 3 bird will be ok even 4 with limitations of space, I have 6 birds in 90 sq ft run area and 32 sq ft coop area plus nesting boxes 8 sq ft = 130 sq ft and still small but compared to an egg farm, they have enough room to exercise her legs and sometimes I took them out from the coop and left them in the backyard eating grass, insects, etc.

    Good luck with your birds
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  4. rachlore

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    Apr 24, 2012
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    It should be fine. Though a little small, the chickens will do okay.
  5. c2chicks

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    I have three in a coop that size (I could probably have one more with no problem). But...we have a large run (500 sq ft) that they're in all day (snow and rain, they don't care). Without the additional run space, things would be too tight for my liking.
  6. brierose3

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    or would this coop be more suitable for 3 hens aswell as an extended large run.

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  7. Egghead_Jr

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    Oct 16, 2010
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    The first one looks easier to do any maintenance to coop or in run space. Cleaning coop, changing feed and water in run, etc. The second one has a larger coop space. Seeing the dimensions of second coop 101cmx101 cm you could have 5 chickens in that coop if feed and water was kept in run and they only used coop to roost at night and lay eggs. If my conversions are correct I use 1850 cm2 to 2150 cm2 per bird in coop. I keep 6 to 8 birds in a 122cmx122cm coop. It works as they have a very large run area and only use coop to lay eggs and roost at night.

    You may be better off building a coop. as you already have a run area there's no need to buy one with a far too small run attached. They are easy to make and the nesting boxes are just that, a box with divider in it to lay eggs in.
  8. Lizzie Dripping

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    Mar 12, 2013
    Should be fine, but it'll be snug for four. Our first coop was slightly bigger than that and I had to extend the height so I could lift the perches up a bit and stop them sleeping in the nest boxes. But they were fine. Will you be letting them out of the run in the day? If not I would worry about them getting bored and maybe picking on each other – we had our girls in a similar size run for a month when we had to move them due to flooding, and they weren't as happy in it. Also, they will remove the grass in that run very quickly. This is our setup...
  9. brierose3

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    Well we do have an empty half water tank that was used for fire wood. And as were not really great at building things this probably is the cheapest and easiest coop we could think of.
    Here's a photo

    Would it be alright for the chickens? And would we have to build something to close it at night or is it fine like that if its inside a run. Would chickens get bothered by the sound of rain on tin? Sorry some beginner questions here :)

    And thank you for your replies. Very much appreciated
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