Big Golden Boy


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
Spirit Lake, Idaho
My friends got this rooster the other day, We are curious if you guys can tell us what breed he is. Hes absolutely beautiful and I wish I could keep him but afraid my neighbors might cull me if I do lol. I might try and breed him with my Barred Rock because his golden colors with her light gray and dark black feathers could make beautiful babies.

Definitely a Buff Orpington, one of my favorite breeds!

If you cross him with a Barred Rock hen the chicks will be sexlinked at hatch. Females will be dark with gold cheeks, males dark with silver cheeks. The females will mature to be yellow/black, and the males will be barred.

Here's some pics of my pullets from a Buff Orpington rooster with Barred Rock hens...
Thank you!

When the first hen went broody this past April I gave her eight Bourbon Red turkey eggs to set on. She was a devoted broody and a really good broody too! I didn't have to separate her from the other hens, she knew which box was hers and wouldn't leave it during the main egg laying hours. She never pecked me, and was willing to eat and drink from my hand so that she wouldn't need to leave the nest. 28 days later seven of the eggs hatched! When I broke open the last egg it was obvious that it was either infertile or died very early. I sold the turkey poults when they were 1-2 days old to a gentleman straight from the nest, but I'm sure the hen would of made a good momma had I of let her. I felt really bad taking her poults after all the work she'd put into them but I didn't have a cat-proof area she could raise them in. I hope to set something up for her this year!
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