Biggest chicken I have ever seen!


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Chittenden County, VT
I saw this rooster at the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Jct, VT this past Saturday. He was MASSIVE! I couldn't get a good shot of a normal sized bird next to him, but he filled the cage. He must have been near 20 lbs, his ankles were an inch thick and his body was HUGE! His legs were pretty gnarly looking, so I'm guessing he's up there in age, although I don't really know how to judge the age of a chicken.

He looks like my Black Copper Marans, but there was no tag or anything to identify him or where he came from.




Just had to share this big boy!
We had 2 standard Cochins and the only time they were even slighty aggressive is when they were boody. Good girls and I think their size, they will continue growing till about 18 months, kept the sassy girls away.
He is handsome. But, if you think he is big you should see the Langashan at a show. I saw a big beautiful black Langashan that was really huge like almost turkey size huge!

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