Biggest Egg Yet !


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
some corn field in central il.
my hens are all just past thier prime at about 15 months, production has dropped off a bit, but the old girls are still laying o.k.
this weekend we got the biggest egg we've ever had - a light brown 3.5 oz whopper 6 1/2" around and 3" long. ? we are going to crack it open tonight. i'm guessing double yolker (maybe triple???) is that a big egg or have y'all had plenty of eggs that size?
Where's the pic. I can"t see it.
You'll get those from time to time, especially with young pullets of certain breeds. I actually shudder a bit. I don't like seeing those. They have to be hard on the bird to lay and whether prolapse is any more likely because of these giant eggs or not, is debatable. Still, there's little you do. They just happen. The hen somehow combines two ovulations into one giant egg, I presume.
Fred's Hens :

Bear in mind, that is a jumbo carton. I don't photograph them all, by any means, but here's one. Cannot box them, thus cannot sell them. I either give them away or we eat them.

Oh my gosh! That poor hen. She deserves a day or two off after laying that egg. That would be equivalent to a human having a 15 lb baby. Let us know what's inside after you crack it open.​
wow, and I thought my double yolkers were big...geez, poor thing!
Yes when you crack that baby open, take a pic and let us know!

i have heard of the "egg within an egg" thing, but it's very very rare, is it not?
didn't post a pic, but i'll take a "before" pic and an "in the pan" pic tonight and try to post 'em tomorrow.
yeah, you'd think it HAD to hurt ! it'd be like me squeezing out a bowling ball. ouch!

p.s... never posted a pic here before - how would i do that?
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