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    Hi guys.
    Our Jumbo Pekin, Creamputt, got the bright idea to stick her head out the chain link fence to dig through some new different dirt. I guess something peaked her interest back inside the fence so instead of pulling her head back into the yard she stuck it through another hole in the fence to dig in the old dirt and got stuck. Luckily she wasn't there all that long before I found her. She had managed to do some damage to her bill though. We got the bleeding stopped and took care of her neck with blukote. I had kept non-medicated antibiotic cream on her bill for the first week. It no longer bothers her and she goes about her life like normal now. She has been inside since this happened, approximately 2.5-3 weeks ago. She is a big duck and as you can imagine can make a big mess! So I am ready for her to go back out but I do not want to put her out before it is safe to do so. She has spent some time in a separate pen with one other duck away from the flock and seems to have done well with no problems
    My question is from the looks of her bill in the pic ( I know it is hard to tell) do you think she could go out with the rest of the flock, chickens and ducks? Guess my concern is her damaging the tender tissues. Or should I just continue to let her spend time in the small portable coop and recuperate?
    Also is there anything besides waiting for it to grow out to be done?

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    I would not let her around the chickens till completely healed they are drawn to wounds and they would have a field day on that one. I'd keep her in portable coop where everyone can still see her so when you do put her back she is still part of the crowd. Bless her heart I'm glad you found her when you did. If you can keep her with her flock though except separate I don't know why she can't be back outside. Some have even fenced off part of the coop for one getting over an injury plastic poultry fencing works well in that case.
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    Thanks Miss Lydia
    I had a feeling that was going to be the response but feel better checking with those more knowledgeable. So far she has been spending her days with the 2 house ducks. One is a call (which took some time for those two to get used to each other) and our weeble wobble rouen. I will keep to the path I had been going on then.
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    Sounds like she has good company. and a good care giver too. [​IMG]
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    Thanks, just glad that she didn't sit there very long like that. She could have been a lot worse off.
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    Achtie did something like that a couple of years ago. Sheesh.

    I agree with Miss Lydia, and being the person I am, I would add a few teaspoons of good quality dry small cat kibble to her food daily for the protein and vitamin D, and I would put some comfrey salve on the wound twice a day to aid regeneration of healthy cells.
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    Ooo, I will have to see about getting some comfrey. I have been giving her treats for protein. Haven't done dry catfood but a few pieces of meat here and there. Thank you for your suggestion, will have to give it a try

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