Bill is gone :(


9 Years
Dec 27, 2010
And everyone is traumatized. The lady from the nice farm I got everyone from caught him. She's way better at catching him than me. And now I'm sad not seeing him outside my window. At least I know he'll make lots of baby RIR chicks for everyone to enjoy. I feel terrible... But I made a decision after I saw the state of my hens and I stuck it through... But he sure was gorgeous and such a good rooster besides the overmating in my tiny flock.

Next time you fall in love with a roo, consider saddles for your hens.
I did order some but they got caught up in customs. It had gotten too far and I had no where to confine him. I didn't want anyone else to get hurt so I gave him to some people who would be able to deal with him much better...
He may come back... if he does, there's a pattern on here somewhere on how to cut fleece to make saddles. No sewing at all; minutes can be all it takes to make a dozen.

I personally like to make the no-sew aprons out of 3/4" faux fur...but that's just me.

I'm sorry you miss your fella.
I tried those. I suck at making things I think haha... cause mine fell off, even when I tweaked them and sewed straps across the chest. I definitely tried a few things first. I do have one little male red sex link chick and I'm hoping that if we put him with the flock when he's older, he'll be less likely to hurt the hens because they'll put him in his place (being older and such). But the saddles are coming I'm sure so they'll be there just in case.

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