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'Bird got attacked???

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by fishnet1971, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Not sure exactly what happend by what? I got home yesterday bout 4:30PM and heard 'Bird doing his alert call from the pen. He has been known to 'cry wolf' at the slightest thing, so i wandered down to them with some treats just as he was calming down. Went into the coop, gave treats, I noticed that he was not his usual pigging out self. 5 minutes later two hens were on the ramp with an alert cluck and a watchful eye.

    I looked at 'Bird to make sure he wasnt sick or something - he wasnt chowing down. I saw almost dried blood in spots all over his comb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was definitly shaken up as well. I picked him up and ran him into the house (after I closed all the girls inside of course) and cleaned his comb up. Look like small punctures. No tears, no rips. Not bad enough to drip blood all over his head, but enough that it clotted pretty good on the comb. put on some neosporine checked him over good and found nothing else.

    When i took him back the girls were shaken a little, but mostly just normal. One hen was kinda freaking out on the floor looking at it. I checked the shavings and thought maybe a mouse or chipmunk was under the shavings. Found nothing. Everyone went to bed and everything is ok this am.

    I checked the pen pretty good with a flashlight etc. Found nothing.

    About two weeks ago, inside a hen went NUTS flying off the floor like it was electricity. I mean to the point of flying into the walls to avoid the floor of the coop.

    My coop is raised off the ground to keep it level, so one side is on the ground, another is about 2 feet off the ground. They get under it for shade, to dust, etc. I have checked it good and found nothing living there.

    Any clues? had to be something fairly small that got to 'Birds comb and nothing else. Looked like punctures like small teeth. ANyone had a ferrel cat attack?

    I live in the country with fields and woods and yard.

  2. JanetS

    JanetS Songster

    Jun 22, 2012
    Wow. That's a mystery. What about a snake? They can be small and quick. Obviously something is upsetting them. Can you set up a camera in some way. We have a game camera that takes a picture when it senses movement so we know what's moving around our girls coop. It's made to use outside. Good luck.
  3. chickenneighbor

    chickenneighbor Songster

    Dec 30, 2010
    Hope everyone's okay tonight. Did 'Bird or any of your other babies show any more signs of an attack? We can't have your big guy get hurt so soon after losing Stan the Man!
  4. The problem is a predator. I don't know what kind and maybe the two incidents were not even caused by the same predator. The rooster like your hens was spooked by an animal with sharp teeth and a hankering for white meat or drumsticks. Flying into the roof or sides of the pen resulted in little chunks of comb being knocked off.

    Your chickens were trying to fly up into the tree branches that the Red Jungle Fowl expected to find above them. Whether or not there were any trees there is immaterial, flying straight up in the air to avoid being eaten is chicken survival instinct 101.
  5. All was quiet tonight. 'Bird is fine. has some scabs on his comb, but all is well. He was waiting at the gate of his pen when I got home and snuggled with me when I picked him up.

    I thought about a snake, but it's 25 degrees at night and max of 35 during the day here right now, so I really think it's way to cold for one to be out and moving. I am leaning twords a cat. The small punctures in his comb - the tiny injuries. It's not a hawk or an airborn predator. Wouldnt have been such small injuries and only on his comb. They all FREAK out when a hawl flies over anyway. I have a cat (pet) that "Bird and the fluffy butts know and are not scared of. I could see them not getting totally freaked out by a cat coming around - they have seen cats before and have had not to ever worry. My cat Ashley plays with 'Bird in the summer. I could see 'Bird going up to the cat to check it out and the cat biting or scratching him. How about a chipmunk or mouse if 'Bird decided to attack it?

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