Bird got the boot last night.....

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  1. last night my DH and I were have a 'conversation' a little louder than normal outside. (He mushed my Jostaberry plants down.......!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr). Well my girls and Bird were outside freeranging around. They obviously heard us, and Bird came strutting over and looked at my hubby. When hubby quit yelling, he looked down at Bird who then decided that he did NOT like my hubbys attitude tword me and that I needed protection. He raised his hackles and was ready to thump him (DH). Hubby cocked his leg back and gave Bird the boot really hard. Poor Bird went a flying back 20 feet and landed on his feet. He gave him the most startled look and ran off as quick as he could. He did not seem to be limping or anything. After pushing him (Hubs) aside and running around trying to find Bird for 20 minutes I finally found him cowering under a pine tree. I was so scared at what I might find. I grabbed him from under the tree and just held him in my arms. No blood, doesnt seem to be any broken bones or anything. Seems to be only his pride was hurt. I watched him real close over night. He ate ok, drank ok. Poop ok this am. Is there anything I shold watch for? He doesnt even want me to hold him or come near him as well. Not my Bird... He is my best friend....


    What can I do to get him to love me again.....[​IMG]. (Bird, not DH. Heck I havent talked to him SINCE he hit my Bird.) [​IMG]
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    Okay, I'm not having an enjoyable BYC read this morning. First Mahonri losing his birds and now this.

    I am all about marital harmony and "forgive, as you've been forgiven" but that was too much! The roo was doing his job and "DH" should have recognized that. If the plant tramping was an accident, an apology and help with fixing or replanting should have been sufficient, but to kick Bird? That is ridiculous!

    Now, I have kicked a roo that was just being mean, but not if I was catching a hen or otherwise doing something that the roo would think was dangerous to the flock.

    What is hubby's problem? Is he abusive toward you? Did he kick the bird because he wanted to kick you or to show you what happens when he gets crossed? [​IMG] I have experience dealing with domestic violence and this screams red flag to me...
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    [​IMG] This is terrible!!!! [​IMG] I hope Bird is ok...and good luck with the marital stuff....seems like some one has anger issues!!!
  4. Oh poor Bird! [​IMG] It makes me so sad to see a hurting animal.
    Unfortuantely we have had to give the boot to a rooster for attacking my neighbors grand daughter (she's only 3 so she was terrified) but we would never do it just because we felt like it. I don't know why your DH did that but I hope he learns never to do it again without very good reason [​IMG] I'd throttle him if I were you. I don't know your marital situation but I hope it ges resolved.
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    Wisher1000, I see the same red flag. Nough said on my part.
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    One of my roosters had me cornered in the chicken run with attack mode. I was screaming for help. I was horrified the rooster would hurt me. Every move that I made he scruffed his foot in the dirt. My husband came in the coop and unfortunately he had to kick the rooster the crazy rooster kept charging him. Yes it gave me the chance to escape. I put a rake through the run DH had to kick the rooster harder to escape, I really have no idea why the roo did that but we had to re home him. At that point I was afraid of him and DH told me that he didn't kick him hard at first and the roo kept charging him so finally he gave him the hard kick so that he could escape. He tald me that he never felt in his life that he was about to be attacked but he was sure of it.
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    Can you offer Bird some of his favorite treats as a peace offering? Maybe that will bring him around.

    And it might just take some time. He may have some bruises or aches from bring pushed so hard and those may be making him extra cautious around people.
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    Wow! My hubby would never hurt an animal and nor would I. Kicking a bird that hard is uncalled for and abusive. I'm sorry this whole situation was started. If my husband treated me with disrespect, I'd leave. I've done it once, packed up a few clothes and my daughter and left. My ex has horrible anger issues he can not control.
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    Quote:I think lots of us agree here!!
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    b.hromada :

    Quote:I think lots of us agree here!!

    X 150%​

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