Bird 'n the Fluffy Butts Learn Auto Mechanics

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  1. Bird has now decided (against my husbands advise)to teach auto mechanics to the Fluffy Butts this week!

    "Ok, ladies, we will start with the basics!" Bird squaked as he took his teaching podium

    After some descriptions of what they were going to be doing today, Bird stammered"This is not what it looks like, it is really a giant donute for you all to eat after class IF you get the test questions correct" Bird for some reason had his doubts about the girls.

    The ladies kept talking to each other during Birds lecture so he decided that they should just do some hands on for the rest of the day. "WHY do I get my self into these things!???" Bird wondered to himself as he struted off of his podium.

    Bird and the Fluffy Butts tinkered around awhile with the cars in the shop and learned very little. Bird was so disappointed in them! He got a little miffed and started to yell at them. "LADIES!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!! if you dont want to learn the mechanics, then why are you here???"

    It had become such a beautiful day out that Bird thought maybe he could get something accomplished outside. He wondered if the girls could at least learn how to wash a car. Who knows, maybe they could even learn to drive. Dizzy girls...... Bird led them to the wash and detail shop where a very rare 71 'Cuda was being washed and detailed.

    "THIS my ladies, is a very important part of the auto industry!" Bird exclaimed. Bird was very excited at being around the car and nervous at the same time. Who knows what damage the girls may do this time?

    Bird showed them the basics of washing and hoped they could do it.

    He instructed his smartest student Daytona to give it a try. "Like this!?" she clucked as she made more of a mess than he could imagine. Soap everywhere, streaks, suds, even mud from her feet covered the expensive car.

    "NO NO NO!" Crowed Bird, "GET DOWN!!!!"

    Daytona was so upset that her teacher had scolded her that she decided to do what she knew how to do best. Bird did not know that her owner had already taught her to drive! " I will take this expensive car and cruise! It's going to be MINE!!!!" Daytona quickly ran from the rest of her class and jumped into the drivers seat.

    It had been awhile since she had driven, she had to think about it for a few minutes. "GOT TO HURRY!" she thought, "they will come for me!"

    She knew what she had to do! She grabbed onto the steering wheel and away she drove!


    Daytona felt bad by the end of the day, so she brought the car back after she had indeed washed and detailed it. She left the keys in it and went back to her cozy coop for scratch. "No more of that!" she thought "the wind just kills my good feather day"

    And so ends the saga..... The lesson of the day? Dont let Bird or the Fluffy Butts into your garage.
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    What a story! If my hubby caught the chickens on the 'Cuda we'd be having chicken stew for several days!
  3. [​IMG] Well, that's the good part. The 'Cuda is mine and not his. Believe me when I showed my hubby the photos, he almost died. I put Bird and Daytona on the car and instantly took the shot and put them down. They never even so much as scratched it thank Heavens. They wouldnt even think of jumping on a car. They are trained so good!

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    Great story and photos!
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    more, more!
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    cute story and photos! [​IMG] OH Yes! And great acting! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Hooray!!!
    beautiful birds, gorgeous car and fantastic story!!!
    Can't wait to see what they do tomorrow!!!

    Bright Blessings!
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    My new favorite story!!! This was so great!! Thanks for sharing!! [​IMG]
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    Wonderful story!! I like the idea of teaching auto mechanics basics through this style., itÂ’s different. I want to know if the daynota agrees on learning lessons for auto mechanics because the big boss seems to be working very hard.

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