Black and Blue Copper Marans chicks


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Kind of a curiosity lark here, these birds are by no means from some spectacular line nor am I striving for SOP Marans...just wanted a new dark laying breed cockbird for making OE's over EE and CCL's. 2 specific questions in italics below.

Someone local had some pretty dark eggs from black and blue copper marans.
Marans eggs 4-19-17 2.JPG

Don't think she kept the blues and blacks strictly separated.
The 5 chicks I still have are very varied in coloration and size.
A couple are very small, think they may have come from smaller(maybe pullet) eggs.

The smaller chicks wing feathers stick way beyond their little bodies.... that some weird feathering thing or just small bodies from smaller eggs?
Marans chick tiny 5-21-17.jpg

Any comments on coloration?
Marans chicks 5-21-17.jpg

Bantam definitely crossed my mind, especially with the tiny bodies...
......but I don't think they had any bantams.
Time will tell if they grow into them.
Am still thinking they were pullet eggs,
have seen tiny pullet egg chicks catch up by a few months.

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