Black and Mottled Java Flock of 6 - Northern CA pickup or delivery


9 Years
Sep 3, 2010
Rancho Cordova, CA
Ready-made Java flock for the Java entusiast!

One handsome Black Java Cockerel and three pretty Black Java pullets. One Mottled Java cockerel and one Mottled Java pullet. Four months old. Hatched and vaccinated for Marek's by me, fed on chick starter, greens, fresh fruit, and cracked corn.

Northern CA - Sacramento area. I can drive to meet up or you can pick up.

Thank you for looking.
I am also open to best offers, as time is of the essence. I would even let them go for free to a person who wants to help preserve this wonderful breed. Please respond through BYC or call (916) 425-2358.

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