Black Andalusian?


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6 Years
May 30, 2013
We've done much research to try and find the breed of our chicken. Her size and markings are unusual especially the blue/violet tint on her white earlobes. The best and closest we can come up with is a Black Andalusian. She's about 23 weeks old and just began laying last week. Her eggs are white/off white and very small. She's quite vocal and has a whiny sharp sound almost like a laugh. She's also very docile and looks to her Buff Orp sister and Cochin sister for cuddling. Oh and great flyer too! Any suggestions?

I'd say that she is either a Black Andualusian or a Black Minorca. A poor quality White Faced Black Spanish is also possible.
For black birds that look like her my vote goes to either the Andalusian like you said, or Minorca. Minorca are usually bigger birds, lay bigger eggs (though if she is a pullet that may not be true yet), and seem to get bigger white earlobes as they get older. I've had hatchery ones of both and they were all pretty talky, the andys were better and more inclined to be flyers, they also tended to be friendlier and more inquisitive like goming in doors if you let them open etc. Spanish might be another possibility but I don't see any white yet on her face iteself.

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