Black Copper Maran Pullet or Rooster, 4 weeks


9 Years
Feb 27, 2013
San Jose, Ca
I have 3 Black Copper Maran 4 week old baby chicks that I all three look similar and am wondering if it is a pullet or a rooster. I am attaching a photo of one of them. These photos are of just one chick. This one is so docile and friendly. She/he walks right up to me when I walk in the coop and lays at my feet! If you have any photos of your BCM about the same age can you post a photo of it so I have something to compare it to?
2018-10-24 13.55.21-2.jpg
2018-10-24 17.48.35.jpg
2018-10-22 15.28.51.jpg


Jun 18, 2017
1 is a pullet, and 3 is a roo.

Ahh! Just checked pick of all. You have a roo and two pullets!
I know what mine are :) knew back then too. In fact had a pretty solid idea before 3 weeks. Some folks can tell at days old. In the case of the chicks I posted for reference for OP, a seasoned BCM breeder on this forum correctly called gender on all 4 of mine when they were 4 days old.

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