Black Copper Marans chicks feathering question...


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May 12, 2010
I have 4, aged 2 and 3 week old Black Copper Marans I bought from a local breeder. He said they are from a breeder of the Wade Jeanne line in GA.

I am wondering if it is normal for them to feather out some white on the tips and fronts of their wings. I think it is normal since I looked up some photos and it seems that others have as well. When do they change to all black/copper? They do have feathered shanks.
Mine lost their white when they were 6-7 weeks old. Few have had it and it was only a tip here and there on tail or wing feathers.
I have several different bloodlines and do not remember what my Wade line did exactly but I have only one hen here that kept white in her feathers and she is in my laying flock, not my breeding flock. Not from the Wade line though.
Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear of your experience with the white going away. I was just wondering if I was sold mixed breeds under the guise of BC Marans. If I can figure out how I will post pics here...
Perfect. It suprised me since my black Australorp doesn't have any white.
Obviously I am a chicken newbie.

Now I will just wait and be patient to see if one of the 4 is a hen. I will probably be back for help on that one when they are a little older...

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