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Apr 12, 2012
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With black being one of my favorite colors I want to devote this thread to all those black feathered chickens out there. You know who you are! If you have black chickens please post your images along with mine.

My three Australorp pullets were bred from an Amish Communities flock. We brought these three home when they two weeks of age. They have grown so quickly over the past few months. They have to be the most gentle and friendly of all our chickens. Their plumage is extra soft feeling to the touch and almost as if conditioner has been applied to their feathers.

OPS, have to watch out for camera hogs!

The End

Any black feathered birds? LOL I have some beautiful black naked necks ;)
also have a single black polish pullet :love
I don't have a picture that does Matilda justice. She is so pretty in the sunlight with her iridescent green feathers. She is a 10 week old Black Astralorp.
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