Black Java eggs $2 each. Pics of birds. Roo is a real gentleman.


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Mar 28, 2009
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PLEASE DON"T HIT BUY IT NOW--just reply as to how many eggs you want.

Mailed out to Carolyn Friday am.

have several (6-9) eggs ready to ship monday or tuesday (15th). let me know if you would like them to be yours!!

wait list:
Next confirmed mail out date : mar 30. let me know if you are interested and how many eggs you want (range) and how many days old you are comfortable with the oldest ones being on the day i mail out.

i have a breeding quintet (5) of black javas who are laying great. they are NOT hatchery stock--came from a local elderly gentleman named john tunstall who (i was told) spent many many years on a closed flock of black javas and is a longtime poultry judge. these birds came from him as chicks and i received them as pullets when the owner john sold to had heart surgery and could not keep up with his farm.

i am collecting eggs daily. mail comes priority from 72701--i am in central united states. no need to bid--just reply as to how any eggs you would like and how many days of collecting you want me to do for you. eggs are $2 each and priority shipping runs $12-$14 depending where you are.


marigold feet:

the roo is a nice size but not enormous. his feet are BRIGHT YELLOW. one of the pictures shows that very well--the one where he is walking away from the camera. his shanks are black/slate. his comb has some frostbite damage as you can see, but otherwise perfect--he is built like a tank, he treats his ladies very well, and he is sweet as pie to me and my kids of various ages. three of my ladies are built like tanks and lay a large darker brown egg, while my best layer is smaller than they are, and lays a lighter brown, smaller egg. that smaller java has tied for "best layer" among all my girls, even the leghorns. looking to develop a bantam java? she is a great place to start! looking to breed to the standard? all my birds have dark brown eyes, slate legs, and no white on them at all. combs are the major thing we are working on now.

here's a bunch of pics of my birds.
(please note: one of these pics includes a black australorp cross with white in hackles...this is not a java. also, i had just dusted with DE and it was sprinkling, so there are a few white bits on some of the feathers--my birds are pure black, not mottled).

i have shipped to about a dozen folks, and all received eggs in perfect condition due to great packing. one egg was broken by the USPS slicing into a box, but no shipping errors on my part have occurred. so far, everyone who received eggs in spring and summer has let me know that ALL eggs sent were showing veining and growth and development at various stages of incubation, so i am feeling good about what i am doing on my end! that said, hatching is up to you and hatching rates will vary. shipping is always a risk and i will do everything i can to reduce that risk but cannot control how the USPS handles eggs once they leave my hands.
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He is such a pretty fellow!! These eggs, they are pure Black Javas? If so, I could you come up with a dozen?
They are absolutely pure black javas. I have four BJ girls and a mixed laying flock of hens running-- in a 30x90 garden/pen with a six foot fence-- with only one rooster, pictured above.

i can do a dozen but how many days can the oldest egg be when i ship? i have ten right now and have not gathered yet today. i am sure i will have 12 by the time the post office closes. that would be eggs from 3/3-3/9 and i'd send them priority, so you'd receive saturday most likely (if nor friday, depending how far you are...what's your zip?)

would love to ship out to you today.
i hatched eggs that were ten days old my last hatch of BJs. if you prefer, i can set aside the one from 3/3 or 3/3 and 3/4 and collect for the next couple days for you. please advice how old the oldest egg should be when i send and i can work out the best way to do it for you!

p.s. i also have an olive egger pen (wheaten ameracauna roo, FCBM roo, FCBM hens, and EE hens) if you want to fill out your dozen quickly.
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Collecting for the next couple of days would work better for me as our post office is closed on Saturdays, drives me nuts. We are located in north central Texas so it wont be a long trip for the eggs. I have maxed out my bator as of yesterday and will have to fire up my back up for these little gems.
Thanks so much!!!
ok, i will collect through Friday and send you the freshest dozen? That should get them to you Monday since you are so close. Sound good?
I would love to see pictures of your girls, if possible. Thanks!

ETA: Oops... I saw the link to the pictures. Very pretty!! I might just have to get some to go with my Mottled Javas that are in the bator now. Hmmm... let me figure when my best incubator will be available. I keep ordering eggs!
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Geeze I had no idea you were selling eggs, but I have birds hatched from haTHOR last fall, they will soon be 4 mo old, and I can tell you that they are absolutely gorgeous Javas !!
I have a few pics, somewhere of them..but will post if she wants me to..they are nice easy to get along with birds, and irredescent...beautiful!!
I will send you a total and my pay pal address when I get everything packed up and have a total for you on Friday, if that is ok?

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