black mystery pullet with white wing tips


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Mar 3, 2011
Mars Hill, NC
Hello again
, another quick question for you all in case you can help me without a pic. I will work on pics tomorrow... I have a 2.5 mo. pullet here who is all black with white tips to her wings. She is going to be a full sized bird. She is the leader of our flock even though she is not the largest. She makes up her mind where to peck/scratch next and then the rest of the flock immediately follow. She is fairly tame, liking me especially. But she is no where as tame as our other mystery bird (list in the Phoenix?Ameracuana? post).

Any insights on Elenore will be much appreciated!
These are not the best pics but I will try to take/post more later. Let me know if these pics help. She is about 2.5 mo. old now.


In this one above you can see her white wing tips, her size as I hold her and how she does have some reddish feathering on her breast/neck (similar to what my black sex-links have).


In this one above you can see her white wing tips and you can also see how the black sex links have much more reddish feather toward their breasts/necks than she has.


In this one above she is in the back right corner behind the white silkie. I thought this one could show her relative size. For comparison sake, Ursula all the way to the left is a black sex-link.
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I don't know. The black with white wing tips sounds like Black Australorp but they have no red at all in my experience. The adults have a greenish high light and loose the white entirely. Size and behavior sounds like the BA hens I have raised but mine had red on their waddles very early on and I was sure they were roos for a long time. I don't know if yours is a mix or you enjoy her either way.
Thanks! If anyone else has ideas, keep 'em coming as I will try to keep the pics coming. A couple of my others that have reddish on necks/breasts also have a greenish/bluish/pruplish twinge to their feathers. Like an iridescence. Elenor does not have that at all. Maybe she is a mutt. I love mutts.
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Most likely a black copper marans pullet that is either hatchery or just really bad stock, but she is really pretty!
We have one that looks very similar to yours. "She" is all black with white wing tips. We were hoping "she" would be a maran for their beautiful eggs. "She's" only 3-4 weeks old.

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