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    I have 2 sweetheart black silkie cockerels that need new homes. They have now started crowing and really chapping the butt of the kingpin splash roo of the coop!!

    They were hatched in mid-June and came from eggs purchased from quality breeders. The larger boy has a black walnut comb and gorgeous foot feathering. He just looks better and better as he fills out. He does have a few too many hard tailfeathers in my opinion. I understand that some of these can molt out. He is a dark, dark black with a lovely beetle green sheen. Lovely large, round black eyes and a great disposition.

    The second boy is slightly smaller, still filling out nicely with a lovely disposition as well. He has very few hard tailfeathers and the same dark, dark black color with the beetle green sheen. His comb is not quite as dark as the first cockerels but still mulberry and small. His topknot is smaller than the first boys...BUT these guys are full brothers to some of the most gorgeous pullets with huge topknots. If you'd like to see pics of them, please email me.

    As you know, the true dark black with beetle green sheen that is in the Standard of Perfection for black silkies is soooo hard to find. While these boys type could be a bit better, I think they would produce great looking chicks when bred to nice, typey girls. Remember, they are only 6 months old and still have a LOT of growing and filling out to do.

    I have only posted a couple of pics, but I have more...including some video...if you are interested. I have lightened the pics slightly so you can see more details. These boys are both a dark, dark black. Photos aren't the new camera should be here tomorrow and I will take great pics and post them asap!!! Yeah...I finally took the plunge and bought another camera.

    All offers considered [​IMG]


    This is a pullet from the same flock:
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