Black Silkie x Barred Rock genders?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Peregryphon, Nov 5, 2015.

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    So one of my Red hens went broody and, unable to break her, I got some fertile eggs from a friend. I didn't know what breed they would be until they hatched (there are five of them). After researching various sources (most from this site X3) I've come to the conclusion that they are Black Silkie x Barred Rock mixes. And based on what I've read, I likely have two males and three females.
    However I just thought I’d double check their gender here because:
    I don’t know for sure if they’re from a barred hen x siklie rooster or if they’re from silkie hen x barred rooster and whether or not that makes a difference in identifying the sexlink, or if their parents were purebred to begin with;
    Neither of the suspected roos really had a spot on their head, just more white around there faces than their sisters; and now at four weeks, only one of them is showing barring and they are all the same size.
    Here are some pics of Dino:


    And here are some pics of Penguin:
    [​IMG][​IMG](I couldn't get a shot of his wings, but they're solid black)

    And these are their sisters :

    I apologize for the bad quality, these pictures where difficult to get.
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    None of the birds you posted are barred. Barring is white "bars" across the feather. I'm not sure what the term is for the partially white feathers you have where the white runs long ways.

    so, no way to sex by color. But for future reference, it would make a difference which parent was which. The hen has to be barred, the rooster solid to make sex link chicks.

    How old are the birds? I can't see the comb on the first one, but I'm getting a roo-vibe from all the others, sorry. Knowing age will help.
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    X2 on donrae's post.
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    (Here's the first one up close)
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    They are four weeks old. I guess they don't have purebred parents. What type of comb would they have? None of them have ridges so I guess they would have Silkie combs...? Or are you referring to the "Mohawks" that silkie roosters get?

    I understand it may take quite a while to know for sure, but I'd been told I should see minor differences at about four weeks...

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