black sussex x red leghorn?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
I am getting 10 hens and a rooster that are a cross of black sussex and red leghorn.

They told me these are good dual purpose breeds. is that true? They are laying already (just started this winter) and i got them for 30 dollars. They have also put 20 eggs into their incubator for me for basically free so that is why i went with these chickens.

any advice would be great thanks :)
you will hatch more black looking chicks and some that will look wheaten(orange/buff) like the red leghorn, 25% of them to be Precise

25% of them will be Solid black E/E
20% of them will be E/eWh black with some gold leakage
25% of them will be Wheaten looking
There used to be a Black Sussex back around 1920. But I don't think it exists anymore.
Have not heard of any anywhere in the US. Maybe they breeder meant Black Australop?
So I have 26 eggs in the incubator now that come from these supposed black sussex cross red leghorn birds. they are a mixture of white and cream and brown eggs. most are cream. but there are 6 or so white ones and 4 brown and 1 light blue egg.

im thinking these chickens must be several crosses

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