Blackhead????? Please, I need advice. **ADDED PIC***


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I have a turkey ( broadbreast bronze), 24 weeks old that I belive has blackhead. Her neck and head started swelling a bit and she has dark red lesions on the top of her head and neck. The feathers where the skin ends and feathers begin on the back of her neck seem to be wet? and falling out? She has the punch drunk look. She is drinking, I started her and the other birds ( 1 BB white, 2 BB bronze, 4 Burbon reds, 3 royal palms ) on antibiotics.

BACKGROUND- when these bb were 4 weeks old or so I had the same thing happen to a bb white. I did have them with the chickens. I moved them to there own area of the barn after that. I still have them near 50 freedom ranger meat birds.

My questions-
1. Does this sound like blackhead? I'll take pics when I get home tonight and post.
2. Could have it stayed dorment for the last 18 weeks and now comming back due to her being old?
3. I was planning on butchering the meat birds and the BB turkeys next Saturday, can the meat still be eaten if the bird is butchered?
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id hold off butchering them if they are on antibiotics. if they have blackhead its a case of cecal worms. you might want to try ivermectin for swine. one thing you might want to try in the future is treat the ground and surrounding area wioth diatomaceous earth, its a good preventative because it will kill the bugs and parasites before they can infect your birds. might want to dust the turkeys with it tooid do it a few times a month for sure even after this condition clears up. hope this is helpful
The medication says the birds need to be off it for 4 days prior to butchering. My concern is the transmission of the disease to the meat, then to humans? Is that possible with blackhead or any other disease?


bshpqr, I read that black head is not alway black spots on the head. Google it and see if they have pics to compare to. Maybe a bit more side effects of it too. Sorry about your turkey. I hope it gets better.

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So does anyone have thoughts on what might be the issue? The neck looked a bit more swollen today. Grayish green? down at the bottom of the neck.
She seemed a bit more alert though. drinking alot, not rally eating.

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