Blah, blah, blah & the things that go with it.

I'm sitting here drinking a jack n coke watching pinky and the brain in my favorite beanbag chair

well, not really.
I just came in from riding horse..of course it started to rain as I was tacking up,but I rode anyway (not thunder or lightening) and wouldnt you no as soon as I got the horse put away and changed out of my wet clothes it stopped raining.
I just finished eating. We had beef and black bean burritos with Spanish rice.

Now I need to go back outside and pick slugs out of the garden. Grrrrr! They've already destroyed most of my squash seedlings and all of my pumpkins. I replanted some today so I need to get out there and KILL, KILL, KILL! Which I don't really want to do after digging up sod all afternoon so I could put my herb garden in. But it must be done.
I'm on vacation this week and the weather is lousy. I'm killing some time before we go out to eat. Catching up you know
And here I sit......

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